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Online Dating Messages That Will Guarantee You A Response

Getting your first hook up on online dating sites can be a real harrowing experience, especially when you don’t have an idea what to write to that person you like. According to research on dating sites, the message you send to someone can greatly determine if you will get a reply or not, leave alone a positive answer. In fact, it has been established that over 50% of messages that are not well written get no reply at all, and if they do, the answer is often discouraging. If you have been shying away from getting him or her in to-and-fro discussion, or your heart has been pounding in anticipation of what they might say because of the message you wrote, then you can now smile as your worries will be a thing of the past.The message you send to someone can greatly determine if you will get a reply or not.

The following online dating message examples will give you over 90% reply chances and probably get you in the mood to keep on chatting all day long.


Sending Online Dating Messages to her:

If you are sending her the first message or just want to get her into a discussion, you need to first understand that you may not be the only one sending the message: she’ll probably have 50 if not more messages from men on the same site you are signed up for. This shouldn’t worry you, though. Here are message examples that you can try sending.


Online Dating Message Example 1:

“I really don’t know your secret, but I just wanted to create a headline that stands out from other guys. I mean, that’s who I am- Mr. Creativity! I always strive to be unique, someone who is not like the rest. You’ve probably gone through gazillion messages, and I can promise you will get to know a guy that’s nothing like other guys on this site. A deal, you think?” 🙂


Online Dating Message Example 2:

“Hi there, my name is XXX. I must say I love your profile. I have seen you love swimming, rock n’ roll music and playing basketball. And it almost made me forget how pretty your smile is. We are both basketball fans and my favorite music is rock and roll too. Guess we have much in common. How about we chat and get to know each other more” 🙂


Online Dating Message Example 3:

“When I looked at your first line on your profile, I knew there was every reason to keep reading. And I am glad I did. I agree wholeheartedly nothing can be compared to spending time outdoors……except maybe for a good meal. I wouldn’t mind knowing more about you and maybe share some of my experiences.”


Online Dating Message Example 4:

“Hello, my name is XXX and I must say that your profile has caught my attention. I just love your smile and the profile as well. I actually noticed that we have so much in common. I love listening to music-especially rock music, watching movies and working out. I’d like to know more about you. Who knows, maybe we could have more in common than what is on our profiles.


Online Dating Message Example 5:

“Between your photos and profile, I have to say, you are the prettiest girl I have seen on this site. You seem cool with those amazing eyes and, of course the sexy smile. I also see you love hiking. Well, that’s’ my favorite hobby too. Maybe we could hike sometime together. Love to hear from you…. (Name)


Sending Online Dating Messages to him:

As a rule of thumb, when sending him a message you should be unique, straight to the point and confident. Probability is that over 50% of your messages may be replied regardless of the content. However, if you want someone who will take your words serious and not jokers, you should consider these online dating message examples, whether it’s your first time or not.


Online Dating Message Example 1:

“Wao! Those are great abs you got there. How often do you hit the gym? 🙂 Anyway, if you got 87% awesomeness and you feel you’re easy-going, don’t hesitate dropping me a line sometime.


Online Dating Message Example 2:

“Hi, am XXX. I love watching movies and listening to music. Camping and hiking are also my interests. I see you have the same hobbies as I do. So, what more do you love doing when you are free?”


Online Dating Message Example 3:

“ My sister told me that dating sites on the internet are littered with strange faces, so I kind of figured that I should filter out the weirdo by asking a couple of questions. Firstly, are you a big fan of Justin Bieber? Do you enjoy watching episodes of Jersey Shore? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then I think we may have something in common. Ooh, and my name is XXX 🙂


Online Dating Message Example 4:

“Hey there, I see you love rock music. Well, I am a big fan too. I love listening to the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Who are your favorite rock bands?”


When it comes to sending your first message on an online dating site, your best bet is to go with a well-written email that shows something in the other person’s profile. You are likely to stand a much greater chance of getting a reply with these online dating message examples.